What is Baklava?

What is Baklava?

10th Nov 2023

If you have tried Baklava before, you’ll know it is nearly impossible not to remember this layered pastry dessert’s delicious taste. Baklava’s sweet taste and light, flakey texture make it very memorable. Baklava has a variety of pronunciations, from “BAA-klah-vah” in English to “Bak-lau-wa” in the Middle East. A common dessert in Turkish, Iranian, and Arab cuisines, it is a popular traditional dessert in the Middle East, typically served at significant events like weddings, graduation parties, and more.

Zalatimo Sweets is proud to offer an assortment of Baklava, ranging from classic Baklava served with a variety of Baklava, Burma, and Pistachios Baklava Rolls to Royal Mini Baklava Assortments, of the perfect-sized Baklava bites. Learn more about this unforgettable dessert, including its history, what it is made of, how it is made, and how to properly store it.

Where is Baklava From?

While Baklava originates from Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East, it is a staple dessert across many regions around the globe. Believed to date back to ancient times of similar dessert made from layers of dough, filled with cheese, honey, and bay leaves, it didn’t become the Baklava that we all know and love until its creation by the Ottoman Empire and served during special events and religious holidays.

Short History of Baklava

Influenced by many nations, Baklava takes many forms and is made with various ingredients based on where it is made. Three common types of Baklavas are the Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese baklava versions.

Baklava Ingredients

With so many recipe variations and different ingredients found in Baklava, you may be wondering what Baklava is made of or what is in Baklava. The five main ingredients of Baklava that many can’t do without are phyllo dough, chopped nuts, butter, spices, and syrup.

How Is Baklava Made?

Once you have the five main Baklava ingredients, how to make Baklava is straightforward as it is mainly all about layering and assembly. Beyond being a wonderful dessert that calls for minimal ingredients, making Baklava is relatively straightforward but will take some time and practice.

Baklava requires making many layers of butter-brushed phyllo dough and a variety of nuts in the middle of each layer. Once you’ve baked your Baklava, the sugar syrup drizzled all over each layer, making it a sweet and enjoyable dessert.

There are also many Baklava recipes made with pistachios, while other varieties can be made with a mixture of nuts, such as walnuts, pistachios, cashews, or almonds.

How to Store Baklava

Store your Baklava in an airtight container at room temperature for optimal long-lasting freshness. However, you can also choose to keep your Baklava in a container in the refrigerator. If properly wrapped and frozen, it can last quite a long time. In this case, wrap small batches of Baklava a few times using plastic wrap and put it in a zip-top freezer bag.

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