Our Process

Success is a continuous process and in order to stay on top there was a need to establish the "success equation".


On one side, there must be modern manufacturing techniques and managerial skills, and on the other is a heavily traditional business, therefore keeping a balance bearing in mind that compromising the products' authenticity and quality is a red line that should never be jeopardized.


This was partially handled by working closely with a number of European and Japanese equipment manufacturers to modify their existing ultra-modern pastry-making equipment to suit the production of heavily demanded classics such as "Mamul".

Zalatimo Sweets kitchen staff preparing trays of sweets.

Zalatimo Sweets management also regularly visit international and regional trade fairs to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of pastry making, in order to understand and apply these developments, and hence maintain the continuous growth of Zalatimo Sweets Company.


Currently, Zalatimo Sweets operates according to a very strict, demanding set of standard operating procedures that document the techniques and recipes, providing its customers with the consistent, excellent quality products that they have grown to expect from Zalatimo Sweets Company.


Zalatimo Sweets Company has the capacity to produce up to 2,500 kg of Arabian Sweets daily with the option to increase according to seasonal and new business developments. Over 100 different types of products and assortments are produced and over 250 tons are currently being exported annually.