About Us

A Modest Beginning

As a small pastry shop in Jerusalem, Zalatimo Sweets Company came to this world. Our journey started over a century ago, namely in Palestine in 1860. It all began with the "Mutabak" - a popular Arabian pastry. Mohammad Zalatimo had decided then to set up a small pastry shop in the old city of Jerusalem. The operation was kept on a small scale where Mutabak was offered as a take-away product for breakfast, in addition to a few specialty sweets that he made daily. Year after year, this one-man show proved to be very successful; he rented an adjacent shop and offered a seating area of the customers to enjoy his freshly made sweets.


"Mutabak, sprinkled with powdered sugar, indisputably has its own little charm, and its sweet yet salty flavor, empowers even the greatest tastes."

Zalatimo Sweets Company located in Jerusalem in 1860.

The World is Not Enough

Zalatimo family.

Today Zalatimo has become a name that rhymes with tastefulness, quality and authenticity. The well-established base in Palestine paved the way for a successful exposure in the whole region; introducing nothing but the finest Arabian sweets and pastries.


The inauguration of today’s Zalaltimo chain of stores and outlets was carried out by Abdallah Zalatimo after graduating with a marketing degree from the United States. With an ambition to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, he wanted to rejuvenate his family heritage and present it to the world.


The only problem was access to Jerusalem due to the political situation. And just then the thought sparkled; a Zalatimo Sweets shop was to be established outside Jerusalem. And Amman, Jordan was the logical option.


In 1986 the first Zalatimo Sweets Shop was established in Amman, Jordan. It was an immediate success, accessible to anyone from the region and internationally.


This move opened the doors for Zalatimo Sweets to expand and grow to where it is now, a brand name that has quality and authenticity written all over it!