What Are Maamoul Cookies?

What Are Maamoul Cookies?

10th Nov 2023

Maamoul cookies are sweet, tasty cookies featuring nut or date filling with a buttery, slightly crunchy crust. Typically pronounced “ma'amoul” and spelled in several variations like mamul and mamoul, maamoul cookies are a very popular Middle Eastern cookie.

Zalatimo Sweets offers handmade authentic maamoul cookies made with semolina, butter, and sugar and filled with dates, pistachios, and walnuts. These shortbread cookies are not to be missed. Learn more about maamoul cookies, from where they are found, the ingredients used to make maamoul cookies, how they are made, and the types of molds used to shape them.

Where is Maamoul From?

Today, these date-filled cookies are made to commemorate Eid for Muslims and Easter for Christians. Therefore, maamoul cookies are often enjoyed during religious holidays, especially after fasting. Believed to originate from ancient Egypt, maamoul cookies come in many varieties with different ingredients and shapes.

Maamoul Ingredients

So, what are maamoul cookie ingredients? And what is maamoul made of? Maamoul cookie recipes have numerous variations and different ingredients, but the main ingredients include phyllo dough, a Filling (sometimes made with date, pistachios, walnuts, or hazelnuts), butter, spices, and syrup.

How is Maamoul Made?

Maamoul cookies are made with flour or semolina and filled with date paste (and other ingredients like ground pistachios or walnuts). Then, they are decorated using specific decorative molds or tools and served with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Maamoul Molds

Traditional wooden maamoul molds are tools with different intricately carved designs. The designs typically relate to the ingredients or filling of the Maamoul cookies. For instance, maamoul molds may feature a design for dates, which is a sunburst, and a different design for pistachios or walnuts. Hand-carved maamoul molds are perfect for making these cookies on Easter, Eid, and Ramadan holidays.

Authentic Maamoul Cookies by Zalatimo Sweets

Zalatimo Sweets made a variety of special maamoul treats. Choose from various authentic maamoul handmade, gourmet shortbread cookies baked using a blend of semolina, butter, and sugar, then filled with a generous amount of rich filling. Choose from walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, or date filling. Can’t decide? Then, the Maamoul Cookie box is for you, as you can try all four flavors!

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