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The Taste of Goodness since 1860

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Discover the rich tradition and irresistible flavors of our famous Maamoul Cookies with different fillings and sizes.

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Explore our signature Baklava creations, crafted with precision and passion with pistachios, and cashews. Where each variety is a masterpiece.

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A selection that embodies the essence of Arabian sweetness – each cookie a delectable chapter in a tale of taste and tradition.

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Dive in and explore the rich tapestry of flavors that make us your destination for exquisite, handcrafted treats. Your journey of taste begins here.

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Sweet tray filled with Zalatimo Sweets

A Delicious &
Rich History

Zalatimo Sweets Company pastry shop located in Jerusalem in 1860.

Excellence Since 1860

Uncover the captivating journey of Zalatimo Sweets.

About Our History
Zalatimo family picture.

Dreaming Beyond Boundaries

Zalatimo Sweets; where passion, flavor, and a commitment to excellence propel us to redefine the art of indulgence.

Our Mission Statement

Great Taste Starts with the Finest Ingredients

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We believe that.

From meticulously selected nuts and premium butter to the freshest honey and handpicked sesame seeds, each component is chosen with utmost care. We go the extra mile to ensure that every bite from our kitchen is a testament to the superior quality and uncompromising standards we uphold.

Our Process
assortment of sweets