About Us

Our Mission


To create and sell high quality gourmet products offering value for money with excellent customer service. Each

of our tasty creations are produced consistently while keeping in focus the original, fresh hand-made taste that Zalatimo Sweets Company is known for and has offered for over 150 years.

Where We Started (Our Story)

In 1860, Mohammad Zalatimo opened a small pastry shop in the old city of Jerusalem, within the ancient walls surrounding the roman built church of the Holy Sepulchre. At that shop, Zalatimo made a thin, multi-layered pastry filled with cheese called “Mutabak” which was only offered as a take-away product due to the limited space of the place. Later on, a few other specialty sweets were handmade on a daily basis. Few years later, and due to the growing demand for his high quality sweets, Mohammad Zalatimo expanded his shop to better serve the increased number of customers.


Pistachio-RollsOur Evolution

Zalatimo Sweets Company established itself in Amman, Jordan in 1986 and has been expanding both locally and regionally since then. We now are operating six retail outlets in Amman:

  • Abdali Branch: 1986
  • Amra Branch: 1988
  • Queen Alia International Airport / Duty Free Branch: 1988
  • Shemaisani Branch: 1999
  • Gardens Street Branch: 2001
  • Abdoun Branch: 2008

International Branches:

  • Bahrain: 2001
  • Kuwait: 2008
  • Qatar: 2010