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الغريبة: هذه الحلوى اللذيذة والمزينة بالصنوبر اللبناني اللذيذ هي مزيج من الزبدة النقية والدقيق وبودرة السكر التي تذوب في فمك من أجل نكهة لا تنسى.

  البرازق: هذه الحلوى القديمة المفضلة في البلاد العربية وهي مزيج فريد من بذور السمسم والفستق الحلبي المخبوز لتصبح هشة وذات لون بني ذهبي.

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    Someone brought a tin of these cookies to my work. I saw them there, and decided to try them. WOW! These cookies, are ABSOLUTELY delicious! I cannot even describe how good they are! I am not normally someone who really craves sweets, but these were the perfect mix – not too sweet, but still absolutely delicious cookies. I loved them so much, I wrote down the website that was on the tin container, and I am excited to buy some more of these and try others as well. Keep up the great work zalatimo sweets!

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